5kW Windspire Wind Turbine System

Light weight, high powered, and encased in a rugged housing for long life. An advanced wind turbine generator that took years to develop and test.

All of our wind turbines can be installed on-grid or off-grid. For an on-grid connection we use Inverters specifically matched to our wind turbine controller. Designed, tested and fabricated at our facilities in Wisconsin, to exacting standards and the highest in technological advances.

5kW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Specifications:
• Rated Maximum Output: 5100 watts
• Annual Output: 9400 kwh @ average 12.5 mph wind speed
• Voltage Output: 240 VAC Split Phase
• Cut In Wind Speed: 10 mph
• Cut Out Wind Speed: 35 mph
• Survival wind Speed: 110 mph
• Wind Blades: 3 blades in three tiers total 9 blades
• Rotor Diameter: 7.0 feet
• Height: 32 feet
• Weight: 1450 lbs
• Construction: All Metal, Special powder coatings
• Braking: Dynamic Diversion Load and Stop Switch

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