The new Windspire wind turbine company, with years of know how and vast capabilities, are able to build each Windspire wind turbine to match a particular site and power application to your individual requirements.

Windspire has invested a great deal of time, effort, and financial resources for over a decade. In understanding every aspect of the vertical axis wind turbine. We hold many patents for the US, Canada, and Europe for this style of turbine and its operation.

Wind Study
When a customer inquires about buying a Windspire turbine, we first start with gathering as much information about his site and application. We create a comprehensive report on the average wind speed, gusts, and direction for the last year. With this initial report we can see what strength of wind has been recorded and begin to design and build a turbine.

wind turbine wind report

If the proposed site does not conform to a wind report, and we feel that based on the project we will advise to install a temporary portable anemometer to record the actual wind speeds for a period of time.

Wind Data Points
Wind Turbine Pie Chart
Wind Turbine Wind Chart
Wind speed
Wind Chart

Customer Requirements
The customer usually knows what he wants to accomplish with the install of one or more Windspires. They may want to create a LEED certified building, augment power consumption in a commercial building or just to offset their homes power consumption.

The Turbine Design Process
Once the Windspire engineering department can study the actual wind conditions to expect at the site and the power generation desired, we can go into the design process.

"Every Series IV turbines from the 1500 watt to the 5000 watt and higher, are all custom designed to specific criteria."

For a site that may have moderate wind most of the year, we are able to build a turbine that can rotate in light winds and still produce power. We have the ability to build this turbine using a variety of generators at different power ratings and rotational speeds. We can adjust the wind blades and turbine configuration for maximum lift and the correct rpm as per the wind report.

Our New Exclusive Tri-Tier turbine blade assemblies can be designed for varied size blades, angle of lift and spread. For example,\ at a high mountain site the Windspire would have two tier of blades for the heavy winds of winter and then lower the turbine to attach the third tier for the lighter summer winds. The turbine controller can be adjusted to match this change.

Tri-tier Turbine Blade Assembly

Custom Blade Design
Over the years and with a lot of research and devlopment we are able to design around blade lift forces and spreader lengths to create that perfect turbine for your site in all Windspire models.

Custom Wind Turbine Blade Design

Installation Options
Every Windspire customer is not limited to a particular installation, whether it is for residential or commercial. We have the correct engineering drawings for roof and ground mounts. We have a commercial roof mount that can either be connected to the roof or placed on a roof with ballast weights.

wind Turbine Roof Mount
Wind Turbine Hinge Mount
wind Turbine Roof Mount

All Windspire turbines use engineered fabric pad vibration elimination technology to minimize vibrations into roof supports or ground foundations.

vibration Elimination Technology

Exclusive Tilt Base Pole
Every Windspire turbine has the option for either direct foundation placement or using a tilt base. The tilt up and down base pole is exclusive with Windspire and it makes the installation process and maintenance easy. There is no need to hire an expensive rental crane.

Tilt Base Pole Example
Tilt Base Pole Example
Tilt Base Pole Example

Continued Testing and Development
We are continually testing and improving the design and operation of each Windspire model. We know that a few slight changes can make a big difference in longevity, performance and power generation.

Wind Turbine Wind Tunnel Testing
wind Tunnel wind Speed
Wind Turbine

Windspire Controllers - (Optional with most wind turbines)
The customer can choice different setups of inverter packages, depending on the turbine control and monitoring they are interested in. All inverters use a soft braking control system with select points of operation that we determine according to the sites wind conditions.

For commercial and research institutions we have developed the most advanced turbine controller and monitoring system available.


Rectify and smooth wild AC to provide DC to inverter at acceptable level of ripple

Provide a frequency signal to the inverter - Some inverters have a frequency input (e.g. Power One) so that the power curve can be based on RPM rather than DC voltage. This is usually slightly more efficient)

Over speed control - traditionally this is done using a dump load resistor

Grid failure braking - if the grid fails, We want to brake the turbine

After Braking Turbine Re-start - on some sites this is based on anemometer data Another approach is to release the brake and see how quickly the turbine accelerates. If too fast, shut down again

Data logging - Our controllers can have facilities added on for GSM or Ethernet logging to website. We can also provide an SD card slot to allow internal logging. This is a more normal option to include. We can log RPM, Voltage, Wind speed (if anemometer present), RS485 data from inverter. We could also add a production meter and log power production

Communications - The GSM connectivity can be used to send fault reports, or to receive instructions such as changing working parameters or an instruction to stop the turbine

Windspire's Controller uses FREQUENCY CONTROL and is exclusively matched to the Aurora Wind Inverter. Windspire controller increases the power harvested from the turbine as the turbine speed increases. Usually this is calculated from voltage, but using frequency to estimate the power from RPM can be a lot more accurate. The speed to power ratio has an exponential increase - at low speeds, only a minimal amount of power is harvested.

Anemometer Operation
Wind Turbine AnemometerThe Windspire controller measures the wind speed above an upper limit (eg 20m/s) for more than x seconds (eg. 5 sec) it will trigger a shut down of the turbine

For the turbine to restart the wind speed must remain below the lower windspeed limit (eg 15m/s) for y seconds (eg. 600 seconds)

The controller will log wind speed in m/s every second and log peak wind speed every 10 seconds, to a micro SD card in the controller

If using network connected version of the controller (not included in fIrst controller), the website does graph out the data over various periods (3hr, 6hr, 12hr, 24hr, 3day,7day, 14day, or custom)

Anemometer Wind Turbine Anemometer Wind Report

The Windspire Turbine Controller is the most advanced system of its kind in small wind applications.

Windspire GL inverter series is recommended for all turbine up to the commercial grade units. This system is automatic and easy to install. It features a controller that is pre-set to slow down and stop the turbine in over speed and heavy wind conditions. A WiFi monitoring system can be added to this system.

windspire GL Package

Windspire AURORA inverter series best suited for commercial installations and operates using a soft breaking system. The inverter can be monitored on the internet, at a central web site. The Windspire Controller as mentioned above can be substituted for the Aurora controller, giving you many more wind turbine features.

Windspire Aurora package