Windspire provides special wind turbine applications for almost any requirement.

Special Wind Turbine Applications
Special Wind Turbine Applications

NY Times: Five Volt batteries, a solar array and two wind turbines help supply power at the General Motors campus in Milford, Mich.

“This system is ideal for commercial use because a business can derive full functionality from an existing battery while reducing upfront costs through this reuse,” said Pablo Valencia, senior manager for battery life cycle management at G.M. The batteries can retain as much as 80 percent of their storage capacity after coming out of the cars.

General Motors is using five Volt batteries to help run a data center that is part of its testing facility, which has achieved net zero energy use on an annual basis, the company said.

A solar array and two Windspire wind turbines produce electricity while the batteries are available to either store or feed energy as needed, with excess power going into the grid. The batteries can hold four hours’ worth of backup power for use in a failure.