Designed to replace the older model Mariah 1.2 turbine, technically exceeding it in every way and more power output at lower speeds.
This wind turbine is built to last, and comes with a 5 year warranty.

Custom wind turbine design
All of our wind turbines can be configured to match any site and wind conditions. With 6 blade designs and sizes, standard or custom spreader arms, multiple tiers and blade configurations, we can build a wind turbine just for your particular project.

Rated Maximum Output:
1000 watts

Annual Output:
2650 kwh @ average 12.5 mph wind speed

Voltage Output:
240 VAC Split Phase

Cut In Wind Speed:
8 mph

Cut Out Wind Speed:
35 mph

Survival wind Speed:
110 mph

Wind Blades:
3 blades in two tiers total 6 blades

Rotor Diameter:
4.5 feet

30 feet

775 lbs

All Metal, Special powder coatings

Dynamic Diversion Load and Stop Switch

Windspire 1 kW Wind Turbine
Windspire 1 kW Wind Turbine
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Our Wind Turbine Warranty
All Windspire Turbines Series IV models carry a 5 year warranty on all parts and electronics. Extended warrantees are available including onsite service and maintenance where available.

Retro-Fit Kit For Older Wind Turbines
The Series IV 1000 W wind turbine is available as a retrofit kit for the older Series I, II, and III models. You can converter the older model to this newer turbine and still use your foundation, pole and turbine. The generator housing is replaced and a new inverter / controller is installed indoors at the grid connection. You can re-use the existing wiring from the old turbine.

Grid / Hybrid Wind Turbines
All Windspire Models can be installed on-grid or off-grid. For an on-grid connection we use exclusively Power One Inverters matched to our Windspire TCS Controller. For off-grid applications we have many options from a few manufacturers that specialize in off-grid inverter chargers.

Windspire Series IV Wind Turbines
All turbines are designed, tested and fabricated in our facilities in Wisconsin and South Carolina, to exacting standards and the highest in technology advances. This makes our turbines the most desired wind turbines for any project in the world.

Windspire Wind Turbines